Duet Behavior

Meredith Monk's first virtual concert, a series of duets with John Hollenbeck.

music by Meredith Monk
percussion by John Hollenbeck
performed by Meredith Monk & John Hollenbeck

audio engineer Daniel Neumann
video editor Miles Shebar
video direction Meredith Monk
production manager Meredith Belis
Celebrating their tenth year of collaboration, Bang on a Can and The Noguchi Museum present excerpts from Duet Behavior 2020 by Meredith Monk and John Hollenbeck, a first-time performance of Monk’s music as it has never been experienced.

Through a conversational approach, long-time friends and colleagues Monk and Hollenbeck will expand and improvise on pieces from across Monk’s 50+ year catalogue, combining her pioneering vocal magic with his inventive and masterful percussion to generate new arrangements of Monk’s iconic compositions.

The duets are performed together but from separate locations — Hollenbeck in Montreal and Monk in upstate New York — using Zoom for the visuals and Jamulus, a tool which enables musicians to perform in real-time over the internet, for the sound. The resulting video presentation is produced by The House Foundation for the Arts.

Noguchi Museum Director Brett Littman joins Monk and Hollenbeck for a Q&A via Zoom after the performance.

Tools: Premiere, After Effects, Zoom, Jamulus