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Role: Art Director
Agency: Arts & Letters

Creating a new brand voice for Google Pay.

It's 2024 and Corporate Memphis doesn't cut it anymore. I worked with a multitalented team at A&L to concept, design and deliver some deep-fried content for Instagram Reels. I edited the videos, and was lucky enough to star in a few. Our posts strongly outperformed pre-existing content.

Lenny & Larry's

Role: Art Director
Agency: Tombras

This cookie brand wasn't getting enough love on social, so we got as weird as humanly possible.

I created concepts and designs for ongoing organic and paid Lenny and Larry's social content, presenting directly to clients. Videos I created became their top performing social posts ever.

Working remotely with producers, production artists, videographers and talent, I took point on monthly content shoots. I also contributed to a new set of brand social guidelines, working with strategists to develop a unified character and presence on all social platforms.

Relationship With Milk ;)
Celine Dion Challenge
BOSS Arcade
Swipe Right
Paid Instagram / FB


Role: Art Director
Agency: Tombras

Original concepts and designs for Mozilla's Firefox and Pocket brands, continuing to position Firefox as a radically honest, motivated champion of an open Internet and data privacy.

Firefox Controls

Firefox Relay

Firefox Relay

Cookie Protection

Total Cookie Protection

Earth Day

Digital Life Refresh

Digital Life Refresh 1
Digital Life Refresh 2
Digital Life Refresh 3
Digital Life Refresh 4

Tab Search


Role: Art Director
Agency: Tombras

Numerous original concepts and designs for Subway's Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

App Powerup

Cater Anything

Metal Detector

Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition

Role: Creative Intern
Agency: Barton F. Graf

Breathing new life into an iconic bottle.

I contributed to creative development of the multifaceted Tattoo Edition campaign, spearheading a cinemagraph treatment that brought the four unique tattoo designs to life on social. I created dozens of digital assets including pitch decks, mockups for activations, and motion graphic concepts.