Producer, engineer and recording artist.

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Force Quit

mil e $



Client: Studio Frowijn

Composed music for campaign launch of Dutch artist and fashion designer Liselore Frowijn's latest collection.


Director: Ignas van Rijckevorsel
Sound Design: Miles Shebar
Motion Control Programming: Benjamin Speyer
3D Model Printing: Eric van Straaten & 3Dealise BV
Shot using Kodak Vision 200T
Filmed on location at Tungsten Studio NL
Processed and Scanned in 2K by Cinelab London

"Islands" reimagines the act of 3D rendering. A large portion of the world we engage with today exists virtually. "Islands" tries to bring the virtual back to earth. This film takes the traditional rules of 3D rendering, like free camera movement and digitally designed shapes, and reuses them within a physical setting. By 3D printing models (whose shapes are inspired by the Scottish Hebrides Islands), programming a camera track with a motion control arm and shooting in a studio on 16mm analog film, the process of 3D rendering becomes physicalised. In an attempt to make the digital physical, “Islands” invites the viewer to re-asses our digital mindset and to remember that the binary world is all grounded in matter.

— Ignas van Rijckevorsel


Client: Kenyon College

Composed, produced, mixed and mastered the soundtrack for this video, used in the 2019 See Yourself campaign for prospective students.


Bottle Fly

Director: Mackenna Goodrich

Designed and mixed sound and music for Kenyon College's production of Bottle Fly by Jacqueline Goldfinger.


Director: Erica Christie

Designed and mixed sound and music for Kenyon College's production of Slowgirl by Greg Pierce. Won Best Sound Design at the 2019 Kenyon Tommy Awards.

The sense of claustrophobia, created through a thick, layered soundscape of jungle noises, forced the [characters] to come out of hiding and communicate openly with each other.

— The Kenyon Collegian