Doctor's Orders

Docuseries about a former motorcycle gang member's search for redemption after ratting out his friend.

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In the outlaw world of the Pagan’s motorcycle gang, a club tattoo is meant to be a symbol of undying loyalty.

But now, Andrew Glick’s tattoo symbolizes a bitter betrayal and failed dreams, and serves as a constant reminder of how he snitched on his “brother” for his own freedom.

Over the buzz of a tattoo artist concealing Andrew’s “Pagan’s Motorcycle Club” branding, Andrew explains every dark detail that led to the 2012 murder of local New Jersey radio host April Kauffman.

Andrew Glick, former Pagan's Motorcycle Club president turned informant, receives a tattoo from Adal.

Glick and Adal outside Adal's tattoo studio.

Doctor’s Orders crashes into the wild world of motorcycle gangs - one that created an underground Oxycontin ring which spiraled into a murder-for-hire plot, all orchestrated by a wealthy husband who believed he was too powerful to get caught.

Still from animation depicting Jersey Jim and posse arriving at Andrew Glick's house.

Still from animation of Freddy Augello and Andrew Glick.

Created by 110th Street Films, with animation by Israeli animator Yoni Goodman (Waltz with Bashir) and the Canadian animation house Look Mom! Productions, informant Andrew Glick takes viewers through the fatally twisted tale of greed, murder, and betrayal, set against the backdrop of America’s opioid epidemic.

I served as the Lead Assistant Editor on the series, providing around the clock technical support for the production company, coordinating ingest workflows for archival and shoot media, cutting stringouts, and passing information between departments.

All three episodes of Doctor’s Orders are available to stream on discovery+ now.

Aerial of Glick riding his motorcycle.

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